Discover World Heritage!

UNESCO World Heritage Day

On June 4th, 2023, we celebrate UNESCO World Heritage Day - on-site at World Heritage sites or digitally and across Germany! Explore, experience and experiment along with us!

"Our World. Our Heritage. Our Responsibility." Under this motto, the 51 World Heritage sites in Germany address sustainability issues at the center of guided tours and hands-on activities.

Learn more about the UNESCO World Heritage Day 2023

"Discover and experience diversity"

The UNESCO World Heritage Day offers visitors from near and far the opportunity to discover the multifaceted nature of World Heritage.

The organizers
The German Commission for UNESCO launched the day of action in 2005 together with the German UNESCO World Heritage Sites association. Learn more about the day and the organizers.
Exploring 51 sites
From the Wadden Sea to Cologne Cathedral, the old beech forests to Augsburg's water management system - a total of 51 cultural and natural heritage sites in Germany belong to the UNESCO World Heritage.
Livestreams, video interviews and virtual walks make unknown places at World Heritage sites visible, provide exciting background information and invite you to digitally explore the World Heritage.
UNESCO World Heritage sites are unique places of learning. The UNESCO World Heritage Day invites everyone to get to know the World Heritage in a new way - with programmes especially for children, young people and adult World Heritage fans.